The Year of the Blog at ISB

Jeff Utecht, (International School of Bangkok) on his excellent blog, The Thinking Stick, has written about the process of getting his entire school blogging.

In his post, he links to several pages worth exploring, among them ISB's
Blogging Guidelines, a Netvibes page that links to all the student and teacher blogs in all the 5th grade classes, and a directory to all the blogs at ISB. Take a minute to browse through this amazing list!

Read teacher Chrissy Hellyer's blog (Room 231), and her Blogging Contract. One of her posts on Internet Saftey included this video from WiredSafety.org:

In his post, Jeff writes "It’s not the blogging we feel is important of course, it’s the power that publishing to a wider audience that in 2010 will surpass 2 Billion Internet connected people. Not only is there engagement power in publishing to this audience but also authentic power as students realize they are writing for someone larger than their teacher. That an assignment is not just an assignment but an idea to be shared with others."

If you're considering blogging with your students, or your child has a blog or Facebook account, be sure to read Jeff's post (and follow his blog).