The Cham Library

Everyone in school knows about the Cham Library - die Bibliothek Cham.  Did you know they have a good web page at  http://www.bibliothek-cham.ch/biblio/  ?  You can find out what the library hours are, find out how to get there, how to borrow books and media, read about what's new in the library, and read about the history of the library.

Did you know that you can translate that web page with your computer, if you have trouble reading all the German words? Use a site called Bebel Fish.

Paste the URL for the website in the "translate web page" line, choose the language you'd like to read it in, and "presto!" you'll see the page in a new language.

The translation's aren't perfect, but usually they're good enough to help you understand what the page is communicating.

Here's the link to the Babel Fish translation from German to English for the The Cham Library page