Science Bloggers

A friend who teaches IB Chemistry and TOK at Shanghai American School has sent me links to her students' blogs and wikis. I was very impressed at the look, quality and thought shown in these publications, and want to share them:

chemicalparadigms: IB students thinking outside the box
"In Chemistry you know many things already: that 1 mole is equal to 6.023×1023 particles and that atoms are made up of protons, neutrons and electrons. However, we rarely stop to think about the process by which scientific knowledge is produced, obtained and achieved, nor under what circumstances, and in what ways scientific knowledge is renewed and reshaped by different people and from what perspectives and approaches. By pausing to reflect about the complexity of knowledge as you move though your study of chemistry (& science) you will deepen your understanding of how we know what we know about science and the scope and limits of this knowledge."

Chemistry students write on this blog about  their experience, research, and thoughts about science beyond their classroom.  Recent posts include
Read the posts, and also read the fine biographies of the authors under the About tab.

Theory of Knowledge  
"Welcome to the SAS Pudong blog created by the students in IB Theory of Knowledge."

Not only do these students write well crafted, thought provoking posts, they comment on each other's work, extending the dialog.
Recent posts include

Habits of Mind ePortfolio
"Over the year, you will develop a ePortfolio that indicates your personal growth in all 16 habits of mind using this class as the context. As a minimum, you must add five habits to the portfolio each quarter for the first three quarters. In quarter four, you may add one more habit. During quarter four, you will then write a summative reflection based on school wide learning goals."

The front page of this wiki lays out the purposes and goals for these student portfolios: at the bottom of the page you'll find links to each students eportfolio-wiki.

Reading these three sites has left me in awe, and full of hope for our world - these kids are fine thinkers and  communicators.  Huge applause to them and their teachers!