Balance, Connection and Communication

Having seen a few videos on the web in the last few days telling the same story, I thought I'd pass them on to you ISOCS folks.

The first one is in Thai, but that doesn't matter - you'll get the message. It's an ad from dtac Thailand:

The next video is Really", an ad from Windows 7 Phone:

The last is also from Windows 7 Phone, "The Season of the Witch":

Interesting that good "storytelling" ads about too much phone use, or not using phones or mobile devices literally all the time, are coming from  phone companies themselves.  It's a complete flip from  "make our phone the center of your life" to "make your life be the center of our phone".  A seemingly subtle difference, very reflective of our times.

My friends who pointed these videos out to me all commented that some of these scenes could have come from their life. The use of phones or other small, handheld communicating entrancers have gradually grown from being an appliance in our pockets or bags which we checked from time to time to look at messages or take phone calls, into an appliance that is always on, and near to hand, so that we can catch the message or call, check Twitter and Facebook, check the newsfeed, etc.

There's a growing field of interest in netiquette, as the reach of the net expands.  What do you think?  Is it rude to use your phone (or iPod, etc.) when you're with other people?  I suppose it depends on how you define "with" in that sentence.

How do you feel when the person you're with  would rather interact with their mobile device than with you?

What happens to the concepts behind the profile words  inquirers, knowledgeable, thinkers, communicators, principled, open-minded, caring, risk-takers, balanced and reflective in the life of the people in these videos?

I think it's also interesting to see examples of how a good story can be told in only a few seconds with well imagined photos/video shots, good editing,  and well chosen music. It's sort of the visual equivalent of "13 Words" - how can you say so much, with seemingly so little?