Understanding backwards, and living forwards

"I am looking forwards, thinking back times"
  by Hamed Masoumi on Flickr
"Life can only be understood backwards, but it must be lived forward." (Soren Kierkegaard) In that end of the year mood, here are two lists, to help us.

Looking Back - Time for those "Year in Review" or "Best of 2010" posts.  Here's my (very short) list of favorite lists:

The Art Teacher's Guide To The Internet
ideas, tools, and resources for teaching art and design in a post-digital age
Year in Review: Best of The Art Teacher’s Guide in 2010 by Craig Roland

The Teaching Palatte
The 10 Best iPhone and iPad Apps for Art Teachers 2010

Landscape, Nature and Travel Photography
Top 10 "Top Photos" lists

CNN - Social Media
How the iPad changed 2010


"Venerable" by jenny downing on Flickr
Looking Forwards -And for the "looking forwards" predictions, here are some interesting posts:

5 Predictions for Mobile in 2011 from Mashable
Tablet mania, photo and video sharing...

21 Things That Will Become Obsolete in Education by 2020 from the Daily Riff
Desks, language labs, homework, computers as we know them, organization by grades...

Predictions for Google's 2011 from Google Operating Systems
More free storage, Google will learn to embrace Facebook...

’11 the year of the QR Code from U Tech Tips
"These little black and white 2dimensional bar codes are going to start showing up everywhere." Read Jeff's suggestions about how to use QR in the classroom.

The Future Of Work: How Jobs Change in the Next Decade from WebWorker Daily
"...chaotic, distributed and ad-hoc teams of people, along with blurred organizational boundaries, would become the norm for most modes of work."