Grammar Land

One of my favorite readers on Librivox.org ("LibriVox volunteers record chapters of books in the public domain and release the audio files back onto the net. Our goal is to make all public domain books available as free audio books.") is Kara Shallenberg. I was reading her blog post about having completed a new recording for Librivox in German, and decided to go to the site and see if I had missed anything else she had completed. I came to Grammar Land, by G. L. Nesbitt.

"In this charming 1877 book of grammar instruction for children, we are introduced to the nine parts of speech and learn about the rules that govern them in Grammar-Land.

"Judge Grammar is far mightier than any Fairy Queen, for he rules over real kings and queens down here in Matter-of-fact-land. Our kings and queens have all to obey Judge Grammar’s laws, or else they would talk what is called bad grammar; and then, even their own subjects would laugh at them, and would say: “Poor things!

They are funny fellows, these nine Parts-of-Speech. You will find out by-and-by which you like best amongst them all. There is rich Mr. Noun, and his useful friend Pronoun; little ragged Article, and talkative Adjective; busy Dr. Verb, and Adverb; perky Preposition, convenient Conjunction, and that tiresome Interjection, the oddest of them all." 

On the Librivox page, there are links to the entire Google books e-text, downloadable zip file of the entire book in mp3 files, download it through iTunes, or copy the RSS feed.

Click on the links below to hear the first few files on this blog (you will need to go to the Librivox page to hear the other 8.