10 Picture Tour

Carl Birk, writing in his blog The Learning Nation, invited educators to take 10 pictures of their schools, so that "we will learn a little bit about what your learning environment looks like."  I did a little link following, and found several other blog posts which picked up the idea. Click on the links below (and/or search #10pixtr on Twitter, to discover many other schools in 10 pictures.  You'll find very thoughtful blog posts, and a world of different learning environments.

Here is the 10 Picture Tour of ISOCS

ISOCS is on the ground floor of this building in Cham, Switzerland

Stairs lead from the parking area up to the school level

Every noon-time the whole schools walks a short distance through a nature area, to Teuflibach, where we have lunch

Enjoying a hot, home-cooked meal at mid-day
One of the classroom wall displays for a unit of inquiry
Two Middle Primary students investigating the challenges of filtering water

Students sharing their learning with each other in our library area
Junior Primary students in their classroom
Middle Primary students demonstrating their art skills for the Senior Primary students
Senior Primary students presenting to other classes
There are more photos on our Gallery, and in our Flickr pages