Sharing beliefs

This is for the Senior Primary Class, which investigated Beliefs earlier in the school year.

A class of 20 4th grade students in Melbourne made this Voicethread, and posted it on their blog.  Watch the VoiceThread embedded below, and then click through to their blog to read the comments left by readers around the world.

"As part of our inquiry into the beliefs and values of different cultures, some of the students in Year 4 helped to make this VoiceThread. A VoiceThread is a slideshow that enables us to have a group conversation with people from anywhere in the world!

In this VoiceThread, students from Year 4 speak about the customs and beliefs of the Jewish culture, and ask some interesting questions about other cultures. This VoiceThread will hopefully be viewed by people around the world who might choose to share with us some of their customs, and the values and beliefs behind them!"