Where shall we go - What shall we see?

Screenshot from http://inanyevent.ch/

A new website of interest to us here at ISOCS went online this week: inanyevent.ch.
"Inanyevent.ch is a critical English-language guide to events and what’s on in Switzerland. Every week our staff research hundreds of relevant events which might interest the English-speaking community already established in Switzerland as well as tourists and business people aiming to visit the country. Each article and listing is scrupulously checked for accuracy. 
A good site to keep an eye on with summer holidays around the corner!

It's searchable by date, location, and/or keyword.  You can follow new posting on the page through all the usual social media:
The reason it's here on an ICT blog is because of all the ways one can connect to the editors/ the site - Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, and rss reader, Wordpress, an email subscription, and YouTube, which offers it's own subscription possibilities.  

What will you find on YouTube?   Brief "Reportage" about some of the events featured on the site.