Exploding Rain

More the Middies who looked closely at water and energy, and the Juniors, who investigated air.

This morning I was checking my YouTube subscriptions, and found this intriguing video from New Science.

"Tibetan singing bowls produce a haunting sound but they can also make droplets dance on the water's surface. Ripples are formed when the edge of the bowl is skimmed with a mallet, deforming its surface. If the water waves are excited enough, droplets are ejected." Read more at New Science TV.

The article on the New Science website explaining the video links on to this one (from July 2009), "Myth of raindrop formation exploded", about "exploding rain drop research".

After a brief description of the history of rain drop research, the article relates how Emmanuel Villermaux , at Aix-Marseille University in France, and his colleague Benjamin Bossa at the University Institute of France in Paris have come to think individual droplets inflate and then explode to create the smaller droplets so common at ground level.

"The pair got the idea from the unusual but well known transformations of fuel droplets travelling at high speed in diesel engines. As they travel, drops flatten from a sphere into a pancake-like disc; this catches passing air and inflates like a liquid parachute that eventually explodes in a shower of smaller droplets."

Below is a brief video of this happening. (Unfortunately, there is a strange advertisement before the rain drop video.)