ISOCS 2010-2011 Yearbook

Our new yearbook is available online at Blurb.com
The book is a collaborative effort  - all the staff contribute photographs, the students write their own text. We put it together with Booksmart software from Blurb,  and share the editing process at staff meetings with the interactive whiteboard.

School families arrange their own purchase online.  Paying with a credit card, in the U.S. dollar (US $), the Canadian dollar (CAD $), British pound sterling (₤), the European Union euro (€), and the Australian dollar (AUD $)  (Look for the drop down menu at the bottom right corner of the page to specify your location and the currency will automatically convert appropriately.), families arrange their shipping preferences, and voilà! the books arrive at their door (or wherever they chose to have them shipped). Each book is printed as it is ordered.

We published a second book last week from the Middle Primary Class - "Visiting Schloss St. Andreas", and two more books are in the editing stage: the second edition of the Middies Blog Book, and "Visiting the Museum für Urgeschichte(n) Zug".

If you have photos or pictures to share, or a story to tell,  consider producing a book. The software is free, and the process is very interesting.

When one publishes a book at Blurb, there is the option to add a bit of profit to the selling price...all the ISOCS books are sold at cost - no one is making any extra money from these sales!

We wish you all a good summer holiday, full of reading, writing and publishing!