Video Story Problems

I just found a Vimeo Channel of Story Problems, as in Math. Its "a collection of Video Story Problems created by students, teachers, and anyone looking to bring more of the 'real world' into their classroom through the use of video."

Brownie Video Problem from Sean Dardis on Vimeo.

Video Story Problem - Domino Estimation from Ben Rimes on Vimeo.
"I was volunteering in my daughter's kindergarten class while they had some free play time. I watched them start to build a pyramid, and wondered if they would have enough dominos to complete it. They only had a box full of 200 dominos to try and build the pyramid.

"I didn't want this to be a simple "count the dominos" problem, so I didn't provide any other numbers besides the pyramid being 6 layers of dominos high. You'll have to watch the video carefully and estimate to see if they can do it."

The Channel is the idea of Ben Rimes, who writes at The Tech Savy Educator. He's the K-12 Technology Coordinator for Mattawan Consolidated School District in Michigan

How would you make a video like these?  Do you have a good idea for a "story problem" ?