The Senior Primary class at ISOCS is concentrating on learning to keyboard with 10 fingers, not much looking at the keyboard, and few errors...
I added a new typing game (Typing Tidepool) to the Keyboarding page on our Netvibes ICT site, and have grouped all the other posts about keyboarding on this blog at this link for you.

In our PC laptops at school, we're working with KeyBlaze Typing Tutor, a no-frills, serious sort of free software. Serious as in no story line, no songs, no animation.  Just keyboarding. Read the CNET review here.

Image from NCH Software 
My advice to the Seniors is:

  • Practice for a short time every day (10-15 min is enough)
  • Don't cheat yourself by looking at your fingers.  Learn the home position, and then use it.
  • Take as long as you need to perfect this skill.  It's like riding a bicycle:  once you've trained your fingers and your brain to work together, you will never forget how to do it.
  • Concentrate on the vowels and consonants.  Punctuation will vary from computer to computer, depending on where you live, where you bought it, what language you have it set on, etc.  Numbers will always need to be verified. Vowels and consonants are your basic writing tools.