Create your own planets

This morning I read a blog post that caused me to spend a few hours that had been planed for another use, messing around with "Street View Stereographic". San Francisco-based web programmer Ryan Alexander has created a web app that creates a “little planet” using photos from any Google Street View. Type an address in the search bar, or choose a place on the map with the yellow "Street View" man on the right side of the screen, and the app creates a "tiny planet" from the Street View image on the left side.  This is a fascinating way to explore your world, and view familiar scenes through a new optic. You will probably want to save your creations with a screen shot.  (You can read about it at Wikipedia.)

Screen shot of http://notlion.github.com/
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I've been experimenting recently with another way to create tiny planets - an iPad app called Tiny Planet, which produces photos like this:
Photo by keepps

When I had Adobe PhotoShop installed on my computer, I made tiny planets "by hand". (See vimeo.com/5547102 or ruleofthirdsphotography.com/small-planet-effect-4-easy-st... for directions.)
Photo by keepps
You can see thousands of these photos in the Flickr Groups  Stereographic Projections,