This morning PetaPixel pointed me to a video on Vimeo that I want to share for several reasons.

The first is that it puts you straight into India, to experience the Hindu festival Holi.  Holi is also known as the Festival of Colors, and you'll see why as you watch the video!  I first learned about Holi when I read the novel, A Suitable Boy, and asked an Indian friend about it.  This video describes so well what she told me!

Another reason to share it is the stunning use of still shots, Ken Burns effects, and slow motion video.  The video was shot at 2,500 frames per second.  Sometimes it's hard to know if we're looking at a very very slow Ken Burns, or video footage.  This is a technique Primary student video producers could easily use, to create visual impact with few images.

This video joins our collection  about "Seeing the un-seeable" - watch the colored powder fly through the air!

I urge you to click through to the Vimeo page, and watch the video in full screen HD - it is much better than this tiny embedded version.

Holi from Variable on Vimeo.
The world is fascinating. People and cultures inspire us. Sadly, the fast paced lifestyles of our generation result in many not taking the necessary step back to soak in the existing world around us. Our goal with this film is to help viewers further appreciate and take notice of the beauty in life & culture that lies within our world...

...so the next time you notice something that strikes you as interesting, stop for a second, start powering on your camera, think about why it's unique, and snap the shot before you miss it. Life is extraordinary. Embrace it.