Big G Black Bar Sorter

This morning I was listening to a State of Tech Podcast (Episode 18), and learned about a Chrome Extension, the Big G Black Bar Sorter, a "quick extension to allow users to customize the order of the options in the new redesigned Google black bar. Just drag and drop items." After you install the extension, restart Chrome, log into your Google account, and arrange the black shortcut bar the way you'd like to have it by dragging and dropping the names of different Google products into the order that suits you.  You can pull links out of the "More" drop down menu and add them to the black bar.

This extension doesn't work on Google Apps for Education accounts.

I wanted to find out more about the "Harry" who wrote the extension - he has a Google+ page (of course) and a very interesting web page.  Go to http://harryledley.com/, drag your mouse around the screen, and click occasionally  Drag while holding your mouse down, and move over to the borders of the screen occasionally. I would like to try this on an interactive white board...

Screen shot of http://harryledley.com/