What color is this? in 9 languages

This morning,  Flowing Data sent me to look at What color is this? in 9 languages.

"The color-wheel..." contains 4,000 colors (we collected many more, but didn’t want to crash everyone’s browsers). Mouse-over the color-wheel to see the names of the colors in nine different languages, with translations into English. You can also filter by language using the search box and country flags, so you can see the differences between where Russians vs. Chinese vs. Japanese see red."


Search for a color, and then click on the flags, and you can see the differences between countries.


The authors (Dave Oleson and Dawn Ho ) write that "On the whole, it looks like countries have extremely similar conceptions of color. Type “blue” into the search box, click on the different countries, and you can see the overlap. There are outliers though. Some narrower colors – such as “purple” – are used much more in Japan than in Russia. The use of certain modifiers such as “light” are used pretty uniformly across the color spectrum in English, but much more prevalently in the Blue-Green region in Japanese."

Click through to their website and see the whole article, and the download links. 
Beyond the data possibilities, playing with the color "wheel"on this site could be an interesting way to improve your vocabulary in another language.  Subtlety or nuance in color names is often low on the priority list of new words to learn.  But if you're an artists, or you like to buy clothes (!) it's a very important part of your vocabulary.