Helvetia's Dream

Another in our series of Seeing the Un-seeable blog posts, and one which should be of special interest to our ISOCS community, as we, too, are in Switzerland.

Helvetia’s Dream "takes you on a nighttime journey to some of the most beautiful spots in the Swiss Alps – from Arosa to Zermatt, including the world famous mountains Matterhorn and Eiger."  It's a time-lapse project about Switzerland by night. "Short videos of long nights present you the stunning beauty of the Swiss Alps and show you the magic of a spectacular nighttime sky. Imagine watching a slide-show at fast speed or looking at a flip book. It is photography turning into a movie. Everything in the videos is real and happening out there while most of us are sleeping." (link)

On the Vimeo page there is quite a bit of text (in German and English), with highlights and interesting points in the video explained.  On the video's own web page, you'll find a list of all the locations where the pictures were taken. I recommend you watch this video in the full-screen, HD versions on the Vimeo page - it's stunning!.

On the Making Of page, Alessandro Della Bella explains how he creates his video:
"...Usually my workflow is pretty improvised and can be described like this:Depending on free time, moon phase, weather forecast, availability and personal interest I choose a destination. My equipment weighs about 50kg and cable cars are the preferred option to reach the chosen spot in the mountains. While there is still enough light, I get familiar with the place and the surroundings by doing some classic photography...A moonless night in a freezing and inhospitable environment seems not to be attractive at first glance. But as soon as your eyes get used to the darkness, the beauty of the universe reveals itself to you and you can see the Milky Way and even shooting stars every once in a while. To me, standing on a rock high up in the mountains in absolute silence, below a sea of clouds and above the starry sky feels like being between earth and heaven and is a most majestic experience...". Click through to his page to read the rest of this very interesting story.

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