"What are our brains made of? What happens in our brains when we think, feel, see, hear or touch?"

Those are the questions behind Neurocomic.  This morning I added resources about the project to our Tech News for ISOCS Scoop.it page.  It's so interesting, I thought I would post about it here, too.

Here's a video from the Guardian:

Source: Newton  Length: 14min 04sec  Friday 1 March 2013
Artist Matteo Farinella and neuroscientist Hana Ros of University College London collaborated to create a graphic novel called Neurocomic about a hapless character who is sucked into a human brain where he encounters bizarre creatures and famous neuroscientists. The objective is to introduce the neurochemical workings of the brain to a wider audience, so entertainment, storytelling and clever metaphors are just as important to the enterprise as the science

    Read about the project at its webpage,  and follow it on its Twitter page,