How the Internet Is Changing ...Education?

Uploaded on Jul 1, 2009
Epipheo Studios presents "How the Internet is Changing Advertising", a short history of communication and how the internet is a new medium that has thrown out the old rules of communication.

The ASIDE (The AMerican Society for Inovation Design in Education) blog shared this video this morning. Click the link and read their post.  It concludes with
"We like the message about have an illuminating discovery to think differently about things. In doing so, be media savvy. Check the source, look to see if it’s an advertisement, and don’t be fooled by the creativity. We’ve moved from being passive viewers of information to wanting to communicate what we encounter with others. That’s okay; just take a minute to evaluate it."

But also, take a minute and imagine how you could use internet media described in the video, in education, in your classes, or your presentations.