Macaw - a web design tool

If you're interested in web design, and are even a little familiar with DreamWeaver and Photoshop, you should watch this video, and then visit the Macaw web page.

Macaw Sneak Peek from Macaw on Vimeo.
The first public demonstration of Macaw! Watch @attasi walk through a sample project – from blank canvas to spiffy code.

 I liked watching Tom Giannattasio create the sample webpage, and listening to his dialogue - design specific vocabulary, concise explanations of process, and reasoning behind decisions. Useful if you actually want to design a page, and useful if you only want to learn the lingo, and understand the mechanics.

There's an interesting interview at .net this week with the co-creators of the tool. Last question is:
".net: When will the app launch and on what platforms?G&C: We don't have a date set in stone, but we'll let everyone know as soon as we do. We'll launch on OS X ,but we already have a game plan for Windows."
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