Homer Simpson vs Pierre de Fermat, and Andrew Wiles

New video today from Numberphile:

Published on Sep 29, 2013
Author Simon Singh on Fermat's Last Theorem in popular culture, especially The Simpsons.

If you're a Simpson's fan, and you're not sure about being a Maths fan, watch this video.

Then, in the best "if you give a mouse a cookie" mode, you'll want to investigate Fermat's Last Theorem itself, to see what Simon Singh is talking about.

Uploaded on Jan 24, 2011
BBC Horizon programme. Simon Singh's moving documentary of Andrew Wiles' extraordinary search for the most elusive proof in number theory.

(You can read about the Theorem, too, on Wikipedia and on the Wolfram Mathworld site.)

Thank you Simon (and Homer) for pushing me to watch the second video (Fermat's Last Theorem) all the way through. 

It isn't a video I would have chosen to watch from a YouTube list without the Homer Simpson link. I urge you to watch it, too. all the way through.  In it, you'll see all sorts of amazing learning, teaching, sharing, understanding - in short, most of the IB Learner Profile in action - and, oh yes, some very interesting mathematics (and a superb example of digital storytelling)!