Swiss Art to Go

On Issuu.com I "follow" Swiss Heimatschutz/Patrimoine publications. In the new volume (4/2013) p. 31, there is a story about a mobile app, Swiss Art To Go.  On the app's web page, there is this very interesting video, from its YouTube channel:

Published on Oct 16, 2013
Swiss Art To Go, the encyclopedia of swiss architecture, is an application of the Society for Swiss History of art. Swiss Art To Go (SATG) is available in german, french and italian on the App Store, the Google Play Store and the Windows Store.

We've long been interested in morphing videos (Van Gogh self-portraits), Faces of Women, etc.) - there's something magical about  one thing changing magically into another, "before our very eyes".  I'd never seen the process applied to buildings.