Pinterest as visual social bookmarking

This post caught my eye in one of my Scoop.it feeds this morning.  Being a great fan of Pinterest, I had to try it out, and the results are below.

Follow K E's board Portraits on Pinterest.
I'm very pleased to find this resource, the Pinterest Widget Builder - I didn't know it existed, perhaps because I'm not a "business" user of Pinterest.

Are you wondering what Pinterest is?  It's a visual social bookmarking website.  Because a website cannot be saved, or "pinned" unless there is an image on it, its use is a bit limited for education; I wouldn't recommend that Pinterest be your only way to bookmark websites as resources. There is no built-in copyright information involved in your pins (unless you add it yourself).  I would suggest that Pin Boards are most useful first as visual inspiration, second as bookmarks.  The board embedded above served as a resource for a unit on portraits.

Read about Pinterest  on Pinterest for Dummies, BBC Active Using Pinterest in Education, and 16 Ways Teachers Use Pinterest.

There's nothing secret about these ideas for teachers - they will all work equally well for students!
Visual Arts students might want to look at http://www.pinterest.com/visualartIB/
Geographers http://www.pinterest.com/geogeducation/
Biologists http://www.pinterest.com/beberek/ib-biology-resources/
Most of my pin boards are unit of inquiry-related http://www.pinterest.com/keepps/

I've found that searching within Pinterest itself for boards of interest is rather unproductive.  I have gotten better results searching in Google, with [pinterest] as part of the search string.

Of course, there is pin board of ideas for using Pinterest in education