Medieval Studies Quizzes

I'm marginally involved with an IB DP  History Medieval Options - Route One course, finding resources, videos, minding a wiki and a Paper.li aggregation for the subject. One of the sites I subscribe to is Medievalists.net, a very rich source which "provide(s) the most comprehensive coverage of news, book reviews, articles, games, movies, pop culture and more."

One of Medievalists.net's editors, Peter Konieczny (@medievalicious) has been busy creating Medieval quizzes on Playbuzz.com.  Like so many sites where anyone can create a web-based media product, Playbuzz is a mix of useful academic quizzes and pure pop. It's almost impossible to search efficiently. Once you find one that interests you, try clicking on one of its tags to find more.

Konieczny's Medieval quizzes are fun, and academically valid.  Multiple choice, per force, but still - useful if you're reviewing for an exam. Click on the links below to go to the quizz on the Medievalits site.

Medieval London Quizz

The First Crusade Quizz

Kings of Medieval England Quizz
(Scroll within the quizz below to continue to the next question, or click on a number at the top of the first screen.)

On a fun, but less "factual" quizz, is What is Your Medieval Profession?

(My results pinned me as a Witch Doctor)
Screen shot from http://www.medievalists.net/2014/03/24/medieval-profession/