Do You "Choose" To Have Your Privacy Invaded By Using Tech?

Another thoughtful video from PBS Idea Channel

Published on Apr 30, 2014 
CHANGE YO PASSWORDS! The recent Heartbleed bug was, for many, just another reminder that our information will never be secure on the internet. We feel vulnerable and hopeless in the face of a long string of privacy concerns, and many argue that this is an inevitable result of technology. But since our culture has wholly jumped on the digital bandwagon, do we as individuals truly CHOOSE to sacrifice our privacy? Or maybe the better question is, how much do we even choose to use technology? Watch the episode and find out! 

Think about the issues raised in the video, and then read this post on ReadWrite: "Google Promises To Stop Trawling Student Gmail For Ads" (notice this does not apply to individual, private accounts).  Stephen Downs pointed me to this article on the Digital Education page of Education Week, Google Halts Scanning of Student Gmail Accounts which includes Google's statement, and reactions by several education technology professionals.
"Schools have to look at what happens to their data once they no longer want to use Google Apps for Education, too," said Reidenberg, who worked on a study released in December about privacy issues associated with cloud computing in schools. "Is it completely deleted from the Google system, or does it stay in the cloud forever?" While the service is free, he indicated that Google can make money by other means. "What's the quid pro quo? If they're not paying with cash, they're paying with privacy," he said." (link)

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What happens to your data?