PBS Idea: "What Does IKEA Say About The Human Condition? "

Another interesting video from PBS Idea Channel,  published on Jun 4, 2014
"...While a huge corporate entity may not be the most likely place to find discussion points for the human condition, we're going for it anyway. For example, what is "The IKEA Effect"? What is it about building your own furniture that is so satisfying (or frustrating)? And those stores... oh, we can undoubtedly find some metaphors in their labyrinthine layouts. So what DOES Ikea say about the human condition?"
Watch the first section of the video and find out!

A "trip to IKEA" is a common experience for many International School students, as is investigating the "Human Condition" through elementary, middle, and secondary school in an IB school.  Is this the perfect video for IB students?