A photo a day for a year

A Year of Light by Katharine Epps | Make Your Own Book

Here's the 2014 Book of my photo a day posts in the 2015/365 Group on Flickr  I joined the group in January 2009, and have created a book each year with (most of ) the "photos a day".

If you enjoy taking pictures, I encourage you to consider joining the group.  It keeps your eyes sharp, your imagination in the corner of your mind, and some days, gives you a reason to go out doors!

The official description reads:
"This group was started for in 2008 and will likely be running for years to come. A photo per day project for each year - 365 by the end of the year (one more for leap years). No rules, no requirements, no apologizing, just shoot a lot and share ONE photo per day. Doesn't matter of what, or with what device.
Upload photos to your own flickr site and add your daily photo to this group *after* you join. Be sure to spread some comment love and join the discussions.

The group started when a bunch of folks, mostly edubloggers, on Twitter decided to to the project in 2008. We had maybe 50 people. It grew like crazy since then and topped 1100 members last year-- many have been here for the whole run who have shared over 150,000 photos. Onward to 2015."